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At the American Immigration Law Office LTD, the firm has the benefit of possessing an in-depth knowledge and intimate familiarity with the U.S. immigration process. When someone is considering moving to the United States, particularly if they would like to live there permanently, the importance they attach to the immigration process cannot be overstated. As the immigration petition progresses, applicants often feels anxious about the outcome and fearful of what could happen to the plans they made for their future in the USA should their application fail.

"I know this because I've been through it," Ioana Hyde, the firm's principal attorney, recalls. "Like so many immigrants, I was overwhelmed by the complex U.S. immigration process, and there is a lot of misinformation that is passed around by well-intentioned friends and family. It was not until I retained a fantastic immigration lawyer that the process became clear and I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel."

Working with a London immigration lawyer who specialises in U.S. immigration law and understands not only the legal issues, but also the personal difficulties that often arise, can make all the difference in your immigration case. Aside from effectively translating the firm's experience and first-hand knowledge into case preparation and positive resolutions, the law office is also able to identify with the clients it represents and provide them with sincere support. The firm's services are comprehensive and effective, but they are also meaningful.

Legal and Personal Experience with U.S. Immigration

The firm's breadth of immigration knowledge is also expanded by Attorney Hyde's experience in having witnessed the immigration process from both within the United States and at consulates abroad. This allows not only for legal versatility and creativity in handling cases, but also the development of case strategies that are structured around the ways in which applications and proceedings are handled by consulates, the USCIS and other immigration officials.

Beyond providing the firm with unique insight, Lawyer Hyde also demonstrates legal abilities honed by years of education and practice. She earned her law degree With Honours from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA, and an advanced Master's degree in law from University College London (UCL), which she earned With Distinction. As a former Assistant Attorney General and a seasoned litigator with strong advocacy skills, Attorney Hyde allows the firm to craft well-structured, persuasive arguments in immigration cases where the consular office and / or USCIS have to decide a close, borderline case.

Support Throughout Every Step

Enduring the immigration process is a hurdle all applicants must undergo in their journey to visit, live or work in the United States. Employing an experienced lawyer is essential, but working with a lawyer who has first-hand knowledge of the U.S. immigration experience is virtually invaluable. You do not have to navigate through this frustrating and complicated process alone, and you can maximise your odds of success in a matter that is so crucially important. Contact the American Immigration Law Office LTD to learn more about your case and how the firm can help.

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