Family-Based Immigration Services Immigrating to the U.S. Through Relatives

Immigrating to the USA Through a US citizen Spouse or Fiancée

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US immigration law supports family unification. For this reason, US citizens married or engaged to foreign (non-US) citizens are able to file an immigration petition, requesting that their spouse or fiancée be granted permission to live with them in the USA. In some cases, the couple may be presently living together in the United Kingdom, but wishing to relocate to the USA together.

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Immigrant Visas Through Immediate Relatives

Spouses of US citizens (together with unmarried children under 21 and parents of US citizens) are classified as 'immediate relatives,' benefiting from having an immigrant visa immediately available to them. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the process of moving to the USA will be instantaneous. However, it means that the husband or wife of a US citizen will generally be able to move to the USA much sooner than other relatives of US citizens, such as siblings. Read more about immediate relatives versus family preference immigrant visa categories.

The process of immigrating to the USA is different depending on whether the petitioner is eligible to file directly with the US Embassy in London or whether the petitioner must file the petition with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the USA. There may be important advantages in taking one route over the other and a preliminary determination of the suitable route should be made.

Here Is a brief list of some of the types of cases our firm assists with:

U.S. Visas for Fiancées

When U.S. citizens file petitions for their fiancées so that they can get married and live in the U.S., they will need to file an I-129F fiancée petition.

Fiancées of US citizens

If you would like for your foreign spouse or fiancée to come and reside in the U.S., speak with a US immigration attorney at our London office today.

Family-Based Immigration Documents

One of the key documents required as part of the immigration process when a US citizen's fiancée or spouse immigrates to the USA is the Affidavit of Support.

Affidavit of Support

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