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It is no secret that the U.S. immigration process is rife with complexities, dense paper work and a number of procedural requirements. As such the potential for errors, mistakes and setbacks is significant. If you, a family member or an employee are looking to navigate through an immigration-related matter with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), then you can better equip yourself with the information, assistance and genuine advocacy you need by work with the US immigration lawyer in London from the American Immigration Law Office LTD.

The U.S. immigration lawyer at the firm, Ioana Hyde, is an immigrant herself, and she has successfully overcome the challenges of the U.S. immigration process. She knows what it takes to achieve positive results, and she can assist you in fulfilling your goals and desires. The firm strives to obtain excellence by providing top-notch legal counsel at an affordable price. Attorney Hyde is an experienced trial lawyer and a strong legal advocate for her clients, known for achieving positive outcomes.

Work with an Immigration Lawyer Who Knows the Process

Looking for a U.S. immigration lawyer in London? One of the most distinguishing aspects of this firm is that it enjoys unique insight into the U.S. immigration process, having had personal and professional experience in USCIS proceedings. The firm is prepared to handle a variety of issues and cases, bringing a level of genuine commitment that is rare to find in the industry. The attorneys provide efficient service with a personal touch.

You can contact the London firm directly at +44 (0)208 611 2826 or send an email to learn the ways in which American Immigration Law Office LTD can be of assistance to you as you begin your immigration journey.

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Immigration Services

Ioana C. Hyde, Esq.

Principal Attorney

Attorney Hyde is well-versed in family-based immigrant visa applications and non-immigrant visa applications made at the U.S. Embassy in London, including matters of non-immigrant waivers of inadmissibility. She is fluent in English and Romanian and speaks intermediate conversational Spanish.

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  • “I sought Ioana's services for a case involving a 212(d)(3) Waiver of Inadmissibility and I couldn't be happier with the outcome!”

    Mrs G.
  • “As a former client, I found Ms. Hyde to be extremely professional, organized, attentive and responsive to my needs.”

    Eric A.
  • “Ioana was friendly, efficient, succinct, articulate and knowledgeable.”

  • “Ioana helped us with my immigration visa to US and the experience we had with her was amazing. ”

  • “It was a pleasure working with Ms. Hyde.”

    Lisa C
  • “Ioana Hyde is a unique professional.”

    Happy Family London
  • “I always felt that my case was safe in Ms. Hyde's hands.”

    Michelle F
  • “Ioana and her team are nothing short of wonderful. They helped us through, what seemed like, a very complicated visa process. We definitely could not ...”

    Mrs NS Northamptonshire
  • “I will certainly go straight to AILO in the future!”

  • “I recently had a B1/B2 Visa denial and as my situation was particularly complex I decided to re- apply procuring the professional assistance of Ioana ...”

    David J London
  • “Ioana and her Team have been amazing throughout the process for my IR1 Spousal Visa. Preparation to the finest detail and education on the whole ...”

    Patrick Anderson Miami, Florida
  • “Ioana and her team helped us through the immigration process to the US under quite a compressed timeline. Ioana is extremely professional, pays great ...”

    Rushi London
  • “Ms Ioana Hyde's assistance with my US visa application was outstanding. Her expertise, hard work, professionalism, and genuine interest in my case was admirable.”

  • “Attorney Hyde was professional, attentive and supportive throughout the whole visa application process”

  • “Ms. Hyde always displayed the utmost compassion, knowledge and professionalism, and she always did an excellent job of not only representing me throughout the case”

    Taunya J

Shelly M. Principe, Esq.

Of Counsel Attorney

Attorney Principe focuses on corporate immigration law, helping individual clients, start-ups, and multinational companies with matters of employment-based immigration. Ms. Principe practices US immigration law in Wisconsin and is available for telephonic consultations.

Our London-based Attorney in the News

At American Immigration Law Firm LTD, our attorneys can not only help you with concerns related to your immigration status, ESTA, and other common immigration-related questions; but also help with more complex issues such as non-immigrant visa applications and drug violations. To learn more about such issues, we recommend reaching out to our firm to set up a consultation.
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