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Immigration for Same Sex (LGBT) Married Couples

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Following the landmark US Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Windsor (2013), a US citizen in a same-sex marriage to a foreign national can file an immigrant visa petition for his or her spouse in the same manner as US citizens in heterosexual marriages. Since the end of DOMA, the U.S. government has been fully recognising same-sex marriages at the federal level. This gives same-sex binational couples an opportunity to start a life in the USA.

Many same sex couples comprising a US citizen and a UK or other foreign citizen currently live in the United Kingdom. Lovely as though the UK is, many made the move to the UK not out of choice but out of necessity during the period when the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was in effect and the US citizen spouse was unable to file an immigrant visa petition for his or her same-sex spouse. If you are a gay or lesbian spouse who is facing immigration issues moving your family into the United States, then speak to a US immigration attorney at the London firm today.

Same Sex Couples Immigrating to the U.S.

Thankfully, times have dramatically changed. The American Immigration Law Office LTD is pleased to have worked with many same-sex couples post-DOMA, helping them realize their long-awaited American dream. Priding itself as an LGBT-friendly law firm, American Immigration Law Office LTD has been a vocal supporter of US immigration equality and has written frequent blogs on this issue. Immigration to a new country can be a difficult endeavor. Let the firm help you obtain an immigrant visa so that you can move to the US and live the life you dream about.

For more information about USCIS' commitment to implementing the Windsor decision, please click here.

Looking for a US immigration lawyer in London? If you are looking to obtain an immigrant visa for your spouse, then contact the American Immigration Law Office LTD for an initial consultation.

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