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American Immigration Law Office LTD is intent on providing both highly informative and personable immigration assistance. As part of this goal, the firm provides prospective clients with the opportunity to discuss their unique situation. When beginning their immigration journey with the firm, clients will have an initial five minute telephonic or email discussion with a legal assistant during which the firm will collect general information about their case. An attorney will review this information and the inquirer will be informed via email whether the firm can be of assistance. If you are based outside the UK, the firm can discuss your US immigration matter by email instead.

The next step will be an in-depth consultation that is charged accordingly for in-person consultations or telephonic / online consultations. During this step, all elements of a case will be thoroughly addressed and questions answered. The law office also ensures that clients have the required family members or educational background needed to qualify for the visa they are seeking or, for cases of inadmissibility (where clients are unable to obtain a U.S. visa without first obtaining additional permissions, if available), whether the specific facts in their background fall within the categories which permit the law office to seek a waiver. The law office can also discuss objectives, expected procedures, and fees, which are competitive and taken on flat-fee basis. Request your consultation today and begin your immigration journey with a different kind of law firm.

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