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Consultation American Immigration Law Office, LTD

Consultation with the American Immigration Law Office LTD

We are delighted that you chose to consult with us regarding your U.S. immigration matter and very much look forward to assessing your situation during our consultation. In order to maximise the usefulness of our consultation, we ask that you provide some documents identified below so that they can be reviewed ahead of time. You can also find below further information concerning the consultation and answers to commonly asked questions. We look forward to assisting in your matter.

Required Pre-Consultation Steps

Please only complete the steps below if you have a CONFIRMED consultation with the firm.

Step 1: Fill out and submit the Consultation Questionnaire.

Why is it important that I fill the Questionnaire out before the appointment?

Step 2: Submit the required Anti-Money Laundering Regulations documents.

Please note that the law firm is required by law to obtain these documents from you prior to giving you legal advice and your appointment will have to be rescheduled if the documents do not reach us prior to your appointment. If you wish to send us copies of your documents via secure email (recommended), please send an email to info@ailawoffice.com requesting to do so and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

Additionally, please send us, in advance of our appointment, relevant documents for your situation.(What documents should you submit?)

Step 3: Review useful information concerning your appointment.

All appointments are subject to Consultation Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Consultations

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