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Travelling to the USA? US Customs and Border Patrol Launches New Videos.

According to the latest statistics, the United States of America welcomed over 100 million visitors to its borders in 2014. If you are due to travel to the USA, you may have questions about US immigration requirements in order to make your US trip as smooth and as hassle-free as possible.

United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has recently launched a series of new videos which aim to answer common questions US travellers have; some videos are aimed at US citizens returning to the USA, whereas others seek to answer non-US citizens' questions about travelling to the USA. In addition to being available online, the videos will also be played on television screens around various US airports.

If you are a British citizen (or other non-US citizen) travelling to the USA, you may be interested in the 'Know Before You Visit' video. The brief footage reminds international travellers seeking to enter the USA visa-free to obtain Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) certification before travelling to the USA. British citizens are eligible to apply for ESTA certification and citizens of other countries should double-check that their country is an eligible participant in the Visa Waiver Program. CBP maintains a Frequently Asked Questions website that US travellers may find helpful. Individuals who are not able to travel to the USA visa-free must obtain a US visa from the US Embassy in London or other US Consulate abroad before travelling to the USA.

The American Immigration Law Office LTD would like to wish you safe travels and a wonderful holiday to the USA! The firm's US immigration lawyer in London frequently assists individuals with B-1 visitor for business and B-2 visitor for pleasure visa applications. Contact the firm today to discuss your matter!