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How long will you wait at the US border? There's an app for that!

US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has recently launched a Border Wait Times app that might come in handy during your next US trip. In order to utilize it, you must have a smartphone and must download the app prior to your departure; it is available free of charge both for iPhones and for Android devices. CBP specifies that app users do not need to provide any personal information in order to use the app, nor do they need to register.

The recently launched app promises to solve one of the biggest frustrations encountered by international travelers: border crossing delays. With the new app, travelers can access the latest information concerning border wait times (both for the standard lanes and ones such as SENTRI, NEXUS, etc) at the airport point of entry they are flying to. If you are driving into the USA, the CBP app can localise you on the map and direct you to the closest US entry point, whilst also allowing you to choose the crossing point with the shortest wait time. If you frequently fly or drive in to the same US entry point, you can save it as a 'favourite' on the app and gain access to travel data at the push of a button.